Restore the King

Delaware's Gambrinus Statue

New Can Features Delaware’s King of Beer

By on June 11, 2021

Wilmington Brew Works has just released one of its flagship beers, Krauch’s Creation – a helles style lager – in cans. But this release is special because the can’s graphics acknowledge the First State’s rich brewing history and reference two active brewing heritage projects – Restore the King and the Christian Krauch Memorial Fund.

The front of the Brew Works’ can features a colorful image of the old Diamond State Brewery’s King Gambrinus statue, in homage to a similar image that graced the former brewery’s Stoeckle Select brand bottles and cans in the 1940s and ‘50s. The reverse side of the label tells the story of Christian Krauch, pioneer brewer and Delaware’s Father of Lager Beer, for whom Krauch’s Creation is named. The label also features QR codes linking to websites for Restore the King, the effort to renovated Delaware’s King Gambrinus statue, and the Krauch Memorial Fund, the campaign to place a monument on Krauch’s unmarked grave.

Check out this video involving Brew Works’ John Fusco and Delaware beer historian John Medkeff discussing Krauch’s Creation can release.

The Friends of Gambrinus offer Wilmington Brew Works a debit of gratitude for their unfailing support for Delaware beer heritage projects and appreciation of the First State’s rich brewing heritage.